man thinking of difference between Behavioral Finance and Financial Therapy

Behavioral Finance or Financial Therapy?

Learn the difference between behavioral finance and financial therapy. While behavioral finance focuses on cognitive biases affecting financial decisions, financial therapy goes deeper, addressing personal history and trauma behind these biases. By understanding these underlying factors, the post explains how we can make more conscious financial choices, breaking free from subconscious influences.

elderly couple standing in front of money on a table

Money and the Meaning of Life

Ever wondered about the link between money and a meaningful life? Jacob Needleman flips the script. It’s not just about cash; it’s a bridge that takes us from surviving to truly thriving. Dig into your money mindset, grasp your beliefs, and rewrite your financial tale to unchain yourself. This dance of money and purpose is the heartbeat of financial life planning and therapy.

women grieving financial loss

The Importance of Grieving a Financial Loss

Financial loss is an unavoidable aspect of life that brings about grief and emotional pain. Explore how financial planners and therapists assist clients in dealing with both the monetary and emotional repercussions of such losses. Discover the significance of seeking support, recognizing individual experiences, and embracing loss as a transformative journey.

different hands making a heart shape

Why We Don’t Leave Money to Charities

In estate planning, little thought is given to who will receive the inheritance, as the prevailing belief is that ‘good parents leave all their money to their kids.’ This societal money script rarely considers the potential harm to children or the possibility of leaving money to charities for philanthropic causes.

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