Financial Therapy

Do you find yourself struggling with financial difficulties and the stress that comes with them? Maybe you find it difficult to talk about your finances with your partner or other people in your life.

Do You Need Financial Therapy?

If you are considering financial therapy but you aren’t yet sure it is right for you, then you may want to consider your current relationship with money. If you suffer from financial anxiety, problematic financial behaviors, or excessive financial risk-taking, then you would likely benefit from financial therapy.
Some other indicators that you may benefit from financial therapy include
In many cases, unhealthy spending or saving habits are symptoms of other issues related to mental or physical health. It is also important to keep in mind that it is possible to have finances that look great on paper, yet still have an unhealthy relationship with money.

How Can Financial Therapy Help?

Our financial therapists can help you to understand that in most cases, our everyday financial decisions are the result of our thought processes, feelings, and beliefs. In order to take control of your finances and understand the root causes of problematic financial behaviors, our financial therapists will help to facilitate discussions about money between partners, families, and others in your life. They will help you to explore your emotions and beliefs surrounding money to discover how these affect your financial behaviors. By exploring your financial history, our financial therapists can help you to recognize problematic financial behaviors and how certain relationships or financial traumas may have led to these behaviors, perhaps as a way to cope or as an unhealthy belief. Our financial therapy will help to provide practical tools for understanding and altering the unconscious habits that are keeping you from the financial well-being you seek. We will also help you to make plans to manage your money in a healthy and productive manner.

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