Advancing Your

Financial Therapy

IFS Informed Financial Therapy helps individuals to permanently integrate the ability to make sound financial decisions

Advancing Your

Financial Therapy

IFS Informed Financial Therapy helps individuals to permanently integrate the ability to make sound financial decisions

Internal Family SystemsSM

What Is IFS Informed Financial Therapy™?

Rick Kahler, who has been certified by the financial therapy association FTA, combines Informed Financial Therapy with Internal Family SystemsSM (IFSSM). This focused process allows his clients to identify and modify extreme money beliefs, resulting in the ability to integrate new financial behaviors which enhance financial wellbeing. This overt practice of addressing financial beliefs and behaviors allows progression to financial wellbeing more quickly than in traditional IFS Therapy. This means you’ll be able to improve your relationship with money and make better financial plans.

Your financial planner will consider your behavioral issues and give you financial advice. They will also use evidence-based methods to help you set financial goals and help change the way you feel and behave with money.

He is a Certified IFS PractitionerSM, Certified Financial Therapist-Level 1™, Certified Financial Transitionist™.

IFS Informed Financial Therapy™

The New Kid on the Block:
IFS Informed Financial Therapy™

—Richard S. Kahler MS, CFP®, CFT-I™, CeFT® Certified Internal Family Systems℠ Practitioner

—Michelle Glass, CIFSP Certified Internal Family Systems℠ Practitioner

“Every seemingly illogical financial behavior makes perfect sense when we discover the underlying beliefs held by the Exiles and Protectors that motivate it.”

Richard Kahler, MS, CFP®, CFT-I™, CeFT®, CIFS℠P

The New Kid on the Block_ IFS Informed Financial Therapy-1-2023

About Us

IFS Informed Financial Therapy, while in its infancy, is similarly effective in helping clients reduce anxiety, panic, and internal conflict around money and to help create and maintain financial well-being. Our financial advisors are also mental health professionals and can help you with your financial anxiety and your personal finance.

Rick limits IFS Informed Financial Therapy to IFSSM trained practitioners or therapists and their clients. Sessions are typically 90 minutes and we recommend that you initially commit to six sessions. If you qualify, please request an appointment at,  and fill out a request for a 30-minute free consultation.

Advance Wellbeing Financial Therapy Service Fees


IFSSM (Internal Family SystemsSM)

Insurance Accepted:

Private Pay Only


  • 60 Minute Session: $275
  • 90 Minute Session: $412


It's Not Just About The Money

Financial Therapy

Financial therapy merges finance with emotional support to help people cope with financial stress.

Financial Disorders

Financial disorders are the maladaptive patterns of financial beliefsand behaviors that lead to clinically significant distress

Financial Fear

Financial fear, especially among the new, inexperienced or financially illiterate investors.


Latest Financial Therapy Insights by Rick Kahler

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Financial Denial, Enneagram Type Nines, and IFS

Financial denial is a protective behavior that is usually found in conjunction with several other problematic financial behaviors like compulsive buying behavior, gambling disorder, hoarding disorder, workaholism, financial dependence on others, and financial enabling. It’s especially common in those that have to dominate Money Avoidance money scripts and Enneagram Type Nines.

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